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  • Rapid Metabolic Assessment:
    Gives insights into the metabolism quickly, allowing for prompt adjustments to the lifestyle
  • Time-Efficient Solution:
    Say goodbye to lengthy assessments- this test delivers fast results without compromisng accuracy
  • Reassuring Accuracy:
    Trust in the precision of the metabolism test to deliver accurate results, offering peace of mind


  • The Metabolism Test (rapid test) offers a swift and dependable assessment of the metabolic status by analyzing TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels in your blood. Whether one is experiencing symptoms or aiming to track the metabolism, this test provides a hassle-free and accessible method for understanding the hormone balance.

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    1. Prepare: Place the test cassette on a flat, clean surface. Use the lancet to puncture your finger and obtain a blood sample.


    2. Collect: Allow the blood drop to fill the sample well on the cassette. Ensure proper blood flow without squeezing.


    3. Apply Buffer: Add two drops of buffer solution to the cassette's buffer well.


    4. Wait: Allow the test to develop for 10 minutes. Compare the intensity of the test line with the provided color chart to interpret the results

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