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PREGNANCY TEST 1 piece (stick)
  • User-Friendly: With simplicity in mind, the Pregnancy test provides an easy-to-read result, ensuring a stress-free experience


  • More than a test, it’s a promise: To deliver the truth when it matters most

  • Unlock the secret to certainty: Quick and reliable results

PREGNANCY TEST 1 piece (stick)

  • Discover pregnancy quickly and easily with the pregnancy test. The test measures increased hCG levels in urine to provide reliable results. By measuring hCG levels, the test can determine if a peson has become pregnant. To conduct the test,  apply urine to the stick and interpret the result by observing the colored lines

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    1. Remove the cap and hold the absorbent tip in the urine stream for 15 seconds.


    2. Put the cap back on, and lay the test on a clean surface, and start the timer.


    3. Read the result after 3 minutes. Don't interpret after 10 minutes.

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