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MENOPAUSE TEST 5 pieces (strip)
  • Menopause milstone marker: Providing clarity during this transformative stage of life, one test at a time
  • Simple Solutions, Quick Results: Easy-to-use testing for timely understanding of menopausal changes
  • Painless Peace of Mind: Effortless testing that won't break the bank

MENOPAUSE TEST 5 pieces (strip)

  • The FSH Urine Test  is an convenient solution for menopause detection. Easily determine menopause with this quick and straightforward test. By detecting the FSH hormone in the urine, it provides reliable results, offering clarity on the menopausal status.

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    1. Dip the test strip vertically into the urine sample for 10-15 seconds, ensuring not to exceed the maximum line.


    2.Place the test strip on a flat surface, start the timer, and read the results after 3 minutes. Do not interpret after 10 minutes.

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