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PREGNANCY TEST 5 pieces (strip)


  • User-Friendly: With simplicity in mind, the Pregnancy test provides an easy-to-read result, ensuring a stress-free experience





  • More than a test, it’s a promise: To deliver the truth when it matters most


  • Unlock the secret to certainty: Quick and reliable results


PREGNANCY TEST 5 pieces (strip)

  • The Pregnancy Test Strip (Urine) offers a simple and swift method to confirm pregnancy. By detecting the hormone hCG in your urine, it swiftly determines pregnancy status. Just apply urine to the strip and observe the color-coded result lines for an easy-to-read outcome.


  • Download 

    1. Urinate in a clean container.


    2. Dip a test strip vertically into the urine for 15 seconds.


    3. Lay the test strip flat on a non-absorbent surface, start timing, and wait for the colored line(s). Read the result after 3 minutes. Don't read after 10 minutes.

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