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BLOOD IN STOOL HOME TEST (test cassette) 1 piece.
  • Say Goodbye to Waiting Room Anxiety: The blood in stool test can be performed in the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for stressfull clinic visits
  • User-Friendly: Navigate the testing process effortlessly with this user-frindly testing platform.
  • Quick and Easy: Experience rapid results without the hassle of lab-testing

BLOOD IN STOOL HOME TEST (test cassette) 1 piece.

  • The advanced rapid test offers an effective solution for early detection of hidden blood in stool. Numerous health conditions can lead to the presence of occult blood, often undetectable to the naked eye, complicating early symptom recognition. With this test, effortlessly identify these subtle indicators, empowering proactive health management.

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    1. Collect stool sample with stool collector.


    2. Insert stool collector into atleast 3 spots in the sample


    3. Shake well


    4. Dispense 2 drops of sample into cassette's sample hole "S", start timer, and read result after 5 minutes. Avoid reading after 10 minutes.

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