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OVULATION TEST 1 piece (stick)
  • An Ovulation Oracle:
    Providing reliable insight into the body's unique cycle

  • Quick and simple:
    Skip the wait and embrace the ease of fertility tracking with this rapid, foolproof test

  • Plan the journey with precision

OVULATION TEST 1 piece (stick)

  • The Ovulation Test Stick (urine), is a reliable and user-friendly tool for tracking ovulation. By detecting the presence of the ovulation hormone (LH) in urine, this test stick offers a quick and convenient method to determine the timing of ovulation.

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    1. Hold the midstream test in urine for 15 seconds.


    2. Put the cap back on and lay the test flat with the result window facing up. Start the timer.


    3. Read the result after 3 minutes. Do not read after 10 minutes.

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