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Test for Chlamydia in just 15 minutes. 


1. Open the plastic package with the disposable sterile swab inside.


2. Make sure you don't touch the tip of the swab with your fingers. 

3. Insert the majority of the swab into the vagina. When it's ≈10cm in, rotate the swab for 10-15 seconds before you pull it out.  


4. Add 5 drops of "Buffer A" in the extraction tube.

HINT: Put the extraction tube in the tube holder on the back of the box! 

5. Place the swab in the extraction tube, rotate it a few times and wait for 2 minutes. 


6. Add 5 drops of "Buffer B" in the extraction tube.

7. Wait for 1 minute, then remove and discard the swab. 


8. Put the lid on the extraction tube, add 2 drops to the 'S' hole in the test cassette and wait 15 minutes for the final result to show! 

Fast, discreet, affordable!

Quick & Simple

Get your test results at home, faster than you can scroll through your Insta feed. Even post-party, you've got this.

Discreet & Reliable

Check yourself at home on the down-low and get immediate, accurate results — perfect for that busy social life.


It's budget friendly and you get to skip the awkward, cringey questions from your doctor. Your health your rules!

  • How does the test work?
    The test involves taking a vaginal swab, which is then placed into a testing solution. After 15 minutes, the test will indicate whether Chlamydia bacteria are present.
  • Is the test accurate?
    Yes, this rapid test is designed to be accurate. When instructions are followed precisely the accuracy is 94.45%.
  • What should I do if I test positive?
    A positive result means Chlamydia bacteria were detected. Consult your doctor for confirmation, advice, and treatment.
  • Can I use this test for regular screening?
    Yes, this test is suitable for regular screening, particularly if you're sexually active with new or multiple partners.
  • Is my privacy protected?
    Absolutely. The test is 100% anonymous. However, if you test positive we urge you to consult your doctor for treatment and advice.
  • Do I need to prepare before taking the test?
    No, you can take the test whenever, but make sure you follow the instructions carefully.
  • What is the difference between this test and a lab test?
    This test provides results at home in just 15 minutes. You can effortlessly perform this test in the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to wait for days to receive results.
  • Can I take the test during my menstrual period?
  • What if the test shows a negative result but I have symptoms?
    If you have symptoms of Chlamydia but receive a negative result, always consult your doctor regardless. Symptoms might indicate another condition or a false negative.


Chlamydia is the most common STD and it is often unnoticed, especially among young women. But don't let its stealth fool you. Left unchecked, it can lead to some serious health issues, like pelvic inflammatory disease, which is bad for your reproductive system. The good news? It's totally beatable with the right moves. So, let's stay smart, get tested, and keep our health as vibrant and unstoppable as our spirits!

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